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Photo: Kamila Mankiewicz

Hjalp Finns Nu: A Lifeline in the Fight Against Suicide

“Hjalp Finns Nu” (eng.: “help is available now”) is more than just a project – it’s a lifeline. Initiated just a few months ago, its roots lie in the compassionate hearts of two ambulance paramedics, Andrea and Fredrik. Stationed in Stockholm’s Ambulance Service, these individuals aren’t just everyday heroes attending emergency calls; they are trained instructors in the Acute Care of Suicidal Persons (AOSP). AOSP stands as a symbol of collaboration, tying together blue light organizations like the Police, Rescue Service, and Ambulance with Suicide Prevention and Survivor Support in Stockholm (SPES) and the National Center for Suicide Research and Prevention (NASP, Karolinska Institutet), SOS Alarm, and AISAB.

Hjälp finns nu!

Photo: Kamila Mankiewicz

Understanding the Gravity: The Link Between Depression and Suicide

While suicide remains a global concern, understanding its underlying causes can be a step towards prevention. Every 40 seconds, a life is claimed by suicide. In 2020 alone, 1,168 confirmed suicides were reported in Sweden, with depression being a leading cause. It’s a haunting realization, yet one that carries a glimmer of hope. A significant number of suicide attempt survivors often express that their intent wasn’t to end their lives, but to end their pain.

The Purpose of Hjalp Finns Nu: More than Just Awareness

The mission of Hjalpfinns.nu is clear and straightforward – saving lives. While discussions on mental health and suicide are gaining traction, the availability of effective tools and resources remains sparse. Recognizing the signs is the first step, but it is the immediate action that can make all the difference. By creating an ecosystem of support, Hjalp Finns Nu aims to bridge the gap between awareness and active intervention.

Our Role in Hjalp Finns Nu: Building a Digital Lifeline

But where does one seek help when crisis strikes? This is where our studio steps in. Our mission is to give this noble cause a digital dimension. We’re in the process of crafting “HjalpFinns.Nu”, a website tailored as a one-stop hub for emergency resources and more. We believe that a well-structured platform combined with open conversations can make a difference, potentially saving lives in the process.

Kamila Mankiewicz Photography; SVT Nyheter; Hjalp finns nu; Photojournalism in Stockholm;

Photo: Kamila Mankiewicz

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