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On the platforms and, we use cookies. Their primary purpose is to enhance the functionality of our online services, deliver optimal services to users, present tailored content, and execute our business strategies. Here, we provide detailed information about the types of cookies we employ. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with them and make an informed decision regarding cookie acceptance. Remember, you can adjust your preferences at any time through the “cookie policy” link at the bottom of the page.

Basic Information

Your consent to the use of cookies is entirely voluntary. You can amend or revoke it at any moment by accessing the cookie management button located at the bottom left of our website. For an in-depth understanding of the cookies we employ, please refer to our comprehensive cookie policy.

Essential Cookies

These files are vital for our website’s proper functionality. They ensure efficient user interactions, including providing security and the effective delivery and customization of services. They are generic and do not identify the user’s individual identity. They also assist in fulfilling core business objectives, such as seamless communication, tailoring content to users’ needs, and safeguarding against fraudulent actions. Due to their critical role, they cannot be deactivated.

Advertising and Targeting

Cookies With these cookies, we can refine our offerings to resonate with users’ needs. They allow us to analyze user interactions with our platforms, enabling us to optimize ads and deliver products or services aligned with visitors’ expectations. They also create a user preference profile, presenting only the relevant ads to the user. While these files don’t store personal data directly, they do identify the browser in use. They ensure the presentation of ads that align with user interests.

Analytical and Performance Cookies

These are pivotal for the analysis and optimization of our website’s functionality. They gather anonymous data and don’t allow for the identification of a particular individual. Their primary role is to inform us about the popular and less engaging elements of our site. They assist in refining our services and tailoring content to user expectations. They can also be instrumental in our promotional and marketing activities.

Social Media Cookies These specific files facilitate sharing content from our site on prevalent social media platforms. They act as a bridge between our service and social platforms, which have control over these files. They enable user authentication, content commenting, and customizing ads displayed on social media.

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